Terms of Services

       I agree to the terms and conditions above. I understand that as a Member I will be placed on autoship each month. I can modify or cancel my autoship at any time. I understand that as a Member I am receiving the discounted pricing for all Total Package Health and Wellness products and services.

Terms and Conditions

Total Package Health and Wellness, (hereinafter “Total Package” or “the Company”) is a unique health and wellness company which provides consumers with premium health products and services for health conscious individuals.


If a Member elects not to renew their agreement, all rights to discounts and special pricing will cease.

Member must place a minimum of one (1) Auto-Ship product order every month of at least fifty ($50.00) dollars after applicable savings to remain an active member. Taxes, shipping costs, and processing fees are not applied to the fifty ($50.00) dollar minimum.

TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH Preferred Customers may return a TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH product (unopened) for a full refund of the product price within 30 days of the original date of purchase. TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH Distributors may return a TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH product (unopened, in resalable condition) for a full credit of the purchase price within 30 days of the original date of purchase. The credit amount is posted to the Distributors internal account with TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH and can be used toward future product purchases. Member agrees to Total Package Health’s full return policy which can be located online.

Cancellation of Membership

A Member may cancel their Membership at any time in writing,

The Company guarantees its products as to the quality of manufacture. In addition, the Company offers the customer a full money back warranty.

If a member is dissatisfied with a TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH product for any reason the unopened product should be returned to the Company with the original Retail Sales Receipt within thirty (30) days of purchase. The Company will immediately refund the full purchase price.


U.S. Copyright Statutes protect all Company materials. All rights are reserved, including the right to alter, revise, and reprint these materials in whole or in part. Reproduction in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system is not permitted now or in the future without the prior written consent of the owner of this copyright.

Testimonial Release

TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH will have the right, in consideration of its possible use of your appearance, statements and/or materials supplied by you in written, spoken, or visual form: To edit, broadcast and/or print said material and the right to license others to use these rights. To use your name, likeness, voice, biographical information and the material supplied by you for the proposed advertising, publicity and sales promotion. TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH’s use of your appearance, statements and/or material provided by you as described above will not violate the rights of any person or organization and will not incur any liability for payment to any person or organization. Said statements must be honest, sincere and truthful.


Members purchase product directly from TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH.

Auto-Ship Discount Program: This program allows Membes to receive their products conveniently and automatically for personal use. Members participating in the Auto-Ship Program are eligible to receive savings between 5% – 20% off the suggested retail price on eligible product orders. Auto-Ship Discount Members establish a standing monthly product order with TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH that may qualify them for discounts and spa credits. Members may enroll and authorize TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH to debit their standing order each month from their credit card, as designated. Members must use their own credit card unless written authorization is received by TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH from the cardholder. Only the verified cardholder can make changes to an autoship of a Total Package Health account of which he/she is the owner of the credit card.

If the Memberr for any reason terminates the Auto-Ship agreement, they may re-establish by purchasing another package.

By choosing Auto-Ship, Members authorize TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH to debit their credit card monthly for their purchase. Auto-Ship users will be shipped their monthly standing order regardless of any other orders placed during the month. A reoccurring monthly “Autoship Date” is set at the time the Member establishes Autoship. A Member may choose any date between one (1) and twenty eight (28) as their “autoship date”. Should the Members fail to choose a date the Company will choose a date for them that is closest to the date the member purchased membership package. Members can change their autoship date by contacting us via phone or email. This MUST be done 3 days BEFORE the date of the autoship.

Payment Information

TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express credit cards. It is the responsibility of the Member to inform TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH of new “Valid Thru” (expiration) dates for credit cards. Expired “Valid Thru” dates could result in a debit decline and voided order. Distributors must use their own credit cards and checking accounts unless written authorization is received by TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH from the card holder. All credit card information submitted with any order must be accurate and verifiable by the issuing bank.

Return Check Policy: TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH will charge a $25.00 fee for all checks returned for ANY reason. TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH will proceed with collection of funds and the Distributor’s account will be suspended. Suspended Distributors are not eligible for commissions and bonuses. No future orders will be accepted until the debt is settled.

Declined Credit Cards: If a credit card order is declined for any reason, TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH may attempt to receive an authorization three (3) times. If no authorization is received the order will be voided. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure funds are available in their account for each order.

Member Account Research: If a Customer or Member feels that a debit error has occurred with their account, they may request that TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH research it. If an overcharge has occurred, TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH will adjust the account accordingly. TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH makes every attempt to answer all inquiries within one (1) week.

Back Orders

If the Company is temporarily out of stock of an item, TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH will ship all the other items on your order along with a “Back Order Notice.” Back orders will be filled in the order they were received, once the item is available. Back Orders will be shipped according to the method chosen on the original order.


Customers and Members should allow seven (7) to ten (10) business days for their order to be received.

Tracing an Order: Before a Member requests TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH to trace an order, they must allow ample time from the date the order was shipped. U.S. Mail is not traceable and shipments will not be replaced if original order is not received.

Damaged Product: Members should carefully check all orders upon receipt. If the order is damaged and was shipped by UPS, the Distributor should contact the shipper immediately. In the event the product was shipped U.S. Mail (excluding Express Mail) no coverage for loss is available.

Missing Items from an Order: It is the Members responsibility to check each order. If the order is incomplete or the wrong item has been shipped, they should contact TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH upon receipt. Member must be prepared to give the packing and inspector information that is found on the invoice. TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH will ship replacement items upon verification of missing merchandise.

Return And Exchange Policy


TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH Members or Customers may return a TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH product (unopened) for a full refund of the product price within 30 days of the original date of purchase. TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH Members or Customers may return a TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH product (unopened, in resalable condition) for a full credit of the purchase price within 30 days of the original date of purchase. The credit amount is posted to the Members’ internal account with TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH and can be used toward future product purchases.

Cost Effective Dispute Resolution / Waiver of Jury Trial

If a dispute arises relating to any relationship between or among TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH, its officers, employees, customers, members and  vendors or arising out of any products or services sold by TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH, it is expected that the parties will attempt, in good faith to resolve any such dispute in an amicable and mutually satisfactory manner. However, all such disputes shall be governed by this provision.

In the event such efforts are unsuccessful, either Party may serve a Notice of Mediation/Arbitration on the other Party. Notice of Mediation/Arbitration shall be personally delivered or sent by prepaid registered mail or air courier, and shall be effective on receipt thereof by the Party to whom it is addressed. Proof of receipt shall be a receipt signed by an officer or responsible official of the Party to whom it is addressed. The Notice of Mediation/Arbitration shall be dated, and without prejudice to any right under the Rules permitting subsequent modifications, and it shall specify the claims or issues that are to be addressed in the mediation/arbitration.

If differences cannot be resolved by mediation, the Parties agree that in order to promote to the fullest extent reasonably possible a mutually amicable resolution to the dispute in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner, they will waive their rights to a trial by jury and settle their dispute by submitting the controversy to arbitration in accordance with the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association (“A.A.A.”), except that all Parties shall be entitled to all discovery rights allowed under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as those rules exist in United States Federal Court for the Shelby County.

General Policies

Partial Validity

Should any portion of these Policies & Procedures, Distributor Application and Agreement or of any other instruments referred to herein or issued by the Company be declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the balance of such rules, applications, or instruments shall remain in full force and effect.

The Company recognizing that some laws and/or rules may change from time to time and/or differ from state to state, honors the prevailing law or rule in any state. The changing of a policy and/or procedure does not automatically alter any other policy or procedure, which remains in force.

The Company does not discriminate in its acceptance of the Customers and Members because of race, creed, sex, color, or national origin.

This policy addresses only the kinds of network abuse specifically enumerated above. In addition to these activities, TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH’s policies prohibit other forms of abuse such as harassment and the posting of illegal or unlawful materials, and TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH will respond as appropriate to these other activities as well.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, TOTAL PACKAGE HEALTH reserves the right to amend the aforementioned policies without prior notification.

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