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Total Package Health Presents: VacuStep®

During typical aerobic/cardio exercise, the body temperature decreases in the stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs because blood typically flows away from the skin and into muscles. Blood must be available to transport the required fat for the muscles to burn as energy. When you are able to increase the blood circulation in the lower body while doing a low impact workout, you increase the chances for fat to be transported to the muscles to burn as energy.




Basic Health Pack

$99Daily Nutritional Fulfilment from Alkaline Hydration, Minerals, Vitamins A-Z, Antioxidants & All Day Energy
$99 Product Replenishment
$20 Monthly Spa Credit
%5 Product Discount
Free Monthly Service

Gold Premium

$299All Daily Needs + Immune Boosting Gut Support
$299 Product Replenishment
$60 Monthly Spa Credit
%15 Product Discount
1 Free Monthly Service


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