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When you look good you feel good and when you are healthy it shows!  

Total Package Health Spa is a holistic health and wellness spa that works hand in hand with you to become the best version of yourself.  We use an easy 3 step process designed to help you reach all of your goals!

Step 1


We take the time to understand your unique needs by completing a Nutritional Blood Analysis. This unique test is done with a single drop of blood placed under a high-powered microscope. We then analyze and educate you on those blood cells’ health and possible deficiencies.


  • The current state of your immune system. 
  • The health of your digestive system. 
  • The presence of any cellular abnormalities. 


  • Specific recommendations of natural ways to support your body 

Step 2

Customized Plan

We customize a specific plan for you to become a T.E.N. utilizing technology, exercise, and nutrition. 

We start with hydration, supplementation, juicing, and dietary changes. Then, we incorporate tried and true wellness strategies using state-of-the-art therapeutic spa services.

Step 3

Motivation & Implementation

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We work with you individually to set a schedule and implement your personal health plan.  

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