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VacuStep known as the “Waist Snatcher” is an alternative to Liposuction. It reduces cellulite and activates the blood circulation in the typical problem zones of the hips, buttocks, tummy and thighs. This technology uses a unique combination of Elliptical training and Vacuum Therapy.

You first put on a black rubber apron around your waist. You step into the Vacustep and we close you in from the waist down. You begin to activate the elliptical and then we vacuum out the air from the chamber. This intensifies the workout to feel as if you are using an elliptical in water. The vacuum activates the blood circulation directly in the problem zones i.e hips, buttocks, tummy and thighs. The workout lasts 30 minutes.

1 session $42 |5 sessions $180.25 | 10 sessions $309 | 20 sessions $515


THE RESULT (after 20 sessions)
• “Waist Snatched” significantly (between 2 to 8 inches off waistline)
• Reduced Cellulite
• Stronger quad muscles
• Firmer glutes (rounder booty)
• Better blood circulation

He Lost 30lbs!

...We created a customized plan to support his wellness goals.

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