A Day in Paradise
It’s simply paradise – and it’s Pure with many ingredients to condition and protect skin while adding vitality and softness....
A Day of Beauty
We believe a spa day should be a wonderful escape. Give up your worries, one by one, with a 30...
A Day of Massage & Wine
We love any excuse to catch up with our girls over mimosas! Do so after a 20 minute aqua hydro...
A Gentleman’s Afternoon Escape
The spa experience for men, it begins with a spa facial designed for the special skincare needs of a man....
A Luxury Spa Package
Start by restoring balance and reducing tension with our 30 minute aqua hydro massage followed by our intense detoxifying 30...
A Mini Spa Day
Relax and rejuvenate with your choice of a spa signature facial and a half hour aqua hydro massage, or a...
Aqua Massage Session
You will experience a full body massage with 36 water jets traveling from your toes to your neck and back...
Aroma Steam Sauna
This aroma steam sauna clears the sinuses, detoxifies cells, relieves joint and muscle pain, improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure,...
Bride-to-Be Package
Could the bride-to-be wish for more than serious pampering as the big day draws near? Begin with a cleansing facial,...
Celebrity Brazilian Butt Lift
Non-surgical butt lift to tone and lift buttocks naturally.
Dual Spa Package
Let go of the daily grand and allow you to be pampered for a while with someone special. This package...
Health Consultation
Have a 30 minute talk with one of our health spa technicians. You will answer a series of questions from...
Infrared Detox Wrap
Burn 1000’s of calories, reduce cellulite, and body fat, detoxify internally and externally, relieve pain, rejuvenate skin, and relax.
Ionic Foot Detox
An Ionic Foot Detox removes heavy metals, reduces inflammation, cleanses the liver and kidney of parasites, and enhances the immune...
Jade Thermal Massage Bed
Our Jade Bed is an FDA approved Medical class ll device for pain and relaxation. It is based on the...
Just Friends Spa Package
A great pamper session for "Just Friends" includes a 20 minute Aqua Hydro Massage and a Glass of Wine.
Just Me & You
Share the spa experience with someone special. This package is designed for the two of you and includes a one-hour...
Ladies Night Out Spa Package
Enjoy a fantastic spa day that's perfect for a group of friends looking for a perfect day of pamering. This...
Massage Chair Sessions
Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage technique, and the word shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Similar to a Western massage, the technique combines touch, tapping, rolling, kneading,...
Oxygen Bar
The fresh aroma scents and pure oxygen combine to offer a both therapeutic and relaxing experience.
Photon Light Facial
A photon facial is a customized light therapy facial that improves fine lines and wrinkles, destroys acne bacteria, stimulates collagen,...
Platinum Spa Package
Talk about feeling and looking great! Our Platinum Spa Package will take away your stress with a 60 minute massage,...
Stimulates better functioning of your lymphatic drainage system. It relaxes your muscles and improves your blood and lymphatic circulation.
Red-Light Slimming Capsule
This red-light, near infrared capsule detoxifies the body, energizes the cells, speeds up muscle healing, relieve joint and muscle pain,...
Shiatsu Foot/Calf Massage
Shiatsu massager- relieves foot pain, eases muscular pain, increases blood circulation, soothes calf pain
Silver Spa Package
Treat your body with a treatment that induces pure relaxation a 30 minute aqua hydro massage, 30 minute sauna, &...
Spa Gift Certificate
Enjoy the benefit of giving the gift that they want.
Teeth Whitening
The gel is able to penetrate the dentin, where the stains lie, and actually bleach them clear.
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