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It is Tuesday morning and I am back with more IMMUNE SYSTEM building knowledge. After all, viruses can only make you sick if your IMMUNE system allows it.

I am here to share information on some WAYS TO STRENGTHEN Your IMMUNE SYSTEM to fight more at the cellular level using internal heat therapy. 

For you newbies, I am Tamara Henderson Certified Nutritional Microscopist and Health Coach at Total Package Health Spa. My disclaimer is as follows:

This talk is for educational purposes only. The name brand products referenced are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate any disease or illness. 

Last week we looked at Strengthening YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM by adding supplements to support your GUT Health with a good balance of Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes to support the proper break down of food and nutrient assimilation.  We also proved why You Must Supplement.  It is no longer an option. (If you missed that, go back to last week’s talk.)

Today we will be looking at Strengthening Your Immune System using an infrared heat suana. I recommend this treatment al least once a week.  We know that it is far better to strengthen the immune system so that you reduce the chance of getting sick in the 1st place, than to stress the immune system trying to heal.

Let me explain why.


Traditional Sauna heats the air

Infrared heats the body

It literally detoxes or pulls out environmental pollutants and toxins from deep within your tissues. It pulls it out through sweating.  This particular sauna goes up to 140degrees.

In Traditional Saunas you sweat out 3% toxins

In Infrared you sweat out 20% toxins

When you sweat out toxins, you’re clearing the way for your immune system to go to work.

When I see clients for a Nutrtional Blood Cell Analysis, the white blood cell activity (your immune army) is one of the key factors that I look at. 

 I usually recommend our Infrared Chromotherapy Full Spectrum Sauna for multiple reasons:

  1. Utilizes invisible infrared wavelengths to deliver energy to the cells, stimulating healing, detoxification and relieving pain.
  2. Helps Boost the immune system by increasing white blood cell formation & increasing antibodies against germs by increasing cellular energy production 
  3. It is highly recommended for treatment of respiratory conditions including the common cold sinusitis bronchitis allergies and exercised induced asthma.
  4. Detoxifies and deep cleanses the entire body.
  5. The sauna can help Reduce Inflammation, decrease Blood Pressure, Provide Arthrithis & Fibromyalgia pain relief
  6. Helps with blood circulation thus promoting wound healing
  7. Relieves stress leaving the body feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Oh, I almost forgot. You burn 1,000s of Calories in one session

The Chromotherapy or color therapy within the Sauna helps balance the body’s energy.  It is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing.

Color & light has been utilized by healers for thousands of years

When you enter our Austin Peay Spa location, the Blue light seems to calm and relax you.

Lastly, the infrared mimics sunrays w/o the harmful UV RAYs

Infrared has been around over 50 years — most notably in neonatle units to warm prematurely born babies.

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