Total Package came to life through the heart and mind of one of its original/current owner Andre Somerville. Being an avid fitness enthusiast, he envisioned that people needed to look and feel good for them to have the best quality of life. One of our favorite quotes is “We are the Total Package.”

Total Package opened its first Gym/Spa in 2012 in the historic Raleigh Springs Mall. This new facility extended services from complete hair care to total body care.

Beauty isn’t about just what’s on the outside but it starts with what is on the inside. Thinking about ways to help our clients start the health journey from the inside out, Total Package uncovered the awesome benefits of healthier water. Alkaline water brings a way of true hydration which aids in the body’s response to exercise and maintaining an overall healthy immune system. Equipped with the truth about alkaline water, Total Package shared the great benefits of clean, healthier water with their clients to aid in their health journey and the results were life-changing. The water revolution blossomed into a full line of health and wellness products being added to the spa.

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Expanding from that 1st location in Raleigh Springs Mall to now 4 locations servicing the Mid-South, Total Package opened its line of services to include a complete line of alternative solutions for weight loss, body sculpting, and overall health.

To meet the demands for better health, Total Package brought on Certified Nutritional Microscopist & Hydration Specialist, Tamara Henderson, CNM DPSc. The addition of this Natural Practitioner changed the scope again, now to a Health Spa. Tamara Henderson completed her training in Nutritional Microscopy from the Center for Nutritional Medicine in 2016 . She is licensed as a Diplomat of Pastoral Science by the Professional Wellness Association. As a Natural Practitioner, she is able to help others in the fight against obesity, illness and dehydration by educating a person about the level of toxicity in their body by viewing the blood cell activity under a microscope. The spa also added a mobile health and spa experience with a Body Sculpting Ambulance for off-site services.

“Our company prides itself on bringing you the latest in health and fitness from the World’s Greatest Supplements to Cutting Edge Technology”

Tamara Henderson

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As word spread, local and international celebrities came to experience the Total Package.

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