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Jade Infrared Massage Bed
Our Jade Bed is an FDA approved Medical class ll device for pain and relaxation. It is based on the...
30 Day Alkaline Water Challenge
2 - 6packs of x2o 15 Gallons of Alkaline Water (30 Day Supply)
Yoni Steam
A powerful ancient remedy that allowsC the sacred energies of the natural herbs to permeate your body, release stress and...
X2o (Portable Alkalining Pack)
Why X2O? Alkalizing, Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, Electrolytes, Absorption, and Disease Prevention are all phrases that can be attributed to an X2O...
Protein Shaker Cup
Mixing cup for Protein Shakes.
Platinum Spa Package
Talk about feeling and looking great! Our Platinum Spa Package will take away your stress with a 60 minute massage,...
A Day in Paradise
It’s simply paradise – and it’s Pure with many ingredients to condition and protect skin while adding vitality and softness....
Silver Spa Package
Treat your body with a treatment that induces pure relaxation a 30 minute aqua hydro massage, 30 minute sauna, &...
Cancer Survivor Spa Party (4 +1 survivor(free) = 5 guests)
Total Package Health Spa is celebrating breast cancer survivors 4 guests + 1 survivor(free) = 5 guests
A Day of Beauty
We believe a spa day should be a wonderful escape. Give up your worries, one by one, with a 30...
A Mini Spa Day
Relax and rejuvenate with your choice of a spa signature facial and a half hour aqua hydro massage, or a...
A Luxury Spa Package
Start by restoring balance and reducing tension with our 30 minute aqua hydro massage followed by our intense detoxifying 30...
A Day of Massage & Mimosas
We love any excuse to catch up with our girls over mimosas! Do so after a 20 minute aqua hydro...
A Gentleman’s Afternoon Escape
The spa experience for men, it begins with a spa facial designed for the special skincare needs of a man....
A Day of Bourbon & Beer
An “Old fashioned” bourbon facial, 20 minute, aqua hydro massage and a cold brew!
Bride-to-Be Package
Could the bride-to-be wish for more than serious pampering as the big day draws near? Begin with a cleansing facial,...
Just Me & You
Share the spa experience with someone special. This package is designed for the two of you and includes a one-hour...
Dual Spa Package
Let go of the daily grand and allow you to be pampered for a while with someone special. This package...
Ladies Night Out Spa Package
Enjoy a fantastic spa day that's perfect for a group of friends looking for a perfect day of pamering. This...
A Delta Escape Package
Escape to the Delta land of relaxation with a 25 minute Hydro Aqua Massage, Delta Diva Facial, followed by a...
Just Friends Spa Package
A great pamper session for "Just Friends" includes a 20 minute Aqua Hydro Massage and a Glass of Wine.
Platinum Membership
All Daily Needs + Immune Support + Weight Management Protein + Colon Cleanse for the family
Gold Premiere Membership
All Daily Needs + Immune Boosting Gut Support
Silver Elite Membership
2    x2o 2    Adult Multivitamin 2    Ultimate B-12 Energy 10  Blast Sticks 10  Alkaline Gallon 2   ...
Basic Health Membership
1   x2o 1   Adult Multivitamin 1   B-12 Supplement 5   Blast Sticks 5   Alkaline Gallon 1   TP Bottle
2.5ph Acidic Water (Sanitizer)
12oz Spray bottle or 33.8 fl oz Refill (refills 3 times)
Stimulates better functioning of your lymphatic drainage system. It relaxes your muscles and improves your blood and lymphatic circulation.
Celebrity Brazilian Butt Lift
Non-surgical butt lift to tone and lift buttocks naturally.