6 reasons why you need an aqua massage

Leave Stress Behind

Picture this….a Full Body Massage, to help you, destress, recover and RELAX! Let your mind wander as you listen to soothing meditation sounds and let the troubles of the day drift away. Better yet, you don’t have to get undressed AND there isn’t a stranger touching you telling you to relax lol. This is the Total Package Health Spa Aqua Massage Experience.

Benefits of our Aqua Massage:

Stress relief

Reduce muscle soreness (removes lactic acid)

Muscle relaxation

Faster recovery from workouts

Increased blood circulation

Mental rejuvenation


When is a good time to get one?


Anytime! It’s great before or after a workout. During lunch break or as you day i coming to an end. Trouble sleeping, over-stressed, or just need a quick getaway, the aqua massage is for you! Enjoy anywhere from a 20 minute session up to a 60-minute session. You can also bring a friend. Listen to what our client had to say here!

This is the Total Package Health Aqua Massage Experience!

 How does it work?

  1. Take off your shoes and remove all items from your pockets. (No need to undress in fact we won’t let you!)
  2. Place headphones on with soothing sounds as you lie face down on the bed of the aqua massage machine.
  3. The cover of the machine will come down over you 36 water jets travel from your neck to your toes and back again allowing you to focus the jets on any problem areas with the click of a button.
  4. Relax as you allow the water jets to remove tension from your mind and body. 


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